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Design and build decentralized applications for the future using smart contracts and more
You envision, we shape the vision.
You imagine, we craft the blueprint.
You initiate, we build the future.
What Does Our Team Do Well?
UX/UI Design
Design user-friendly and business-ready websites. We offer UX/UI design services with wireframes, high fidelity formatting, shared Figmas, and user testing.
This Is How We Work
Retainer Model
A predictable, long-term partnership offering dedicated resources, consistent support, and flexibility to adjust priorities, ideal for ongoing projects with roadmaps.
Predictable Costs: With a fixed monthly fee, budgeting becomes simpler and more predictable, allowing for better financial planning.
Dedicated Team: Secure a dedicated team of developers and consultants, ensuring consistency and familiarity with your project.
Flexibility: While the scope is defined, there's room to adjust priorities as your needs evolve throughout the month, including team size & scope of work.
Immediate Access: Faster response times and immediate access to your dedicated team, reducing the lag in project kick-off or changes.
Ongoing Support: Continuous support and development services ensure that your project remains up-to-date and optimized.
Strengthened Partnership: A long-term commitment fosters a deeper understanding of your business needs and goals, leading to better-tailored solutions.
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40+ Brands
120+ Products Built
Our team is focused on your goals to ensure that your success is imminent
Cloud Based Web Hosting
24 Hour
Hosting Turnaround
Deployed Setup Time
High Availability
Robust Infrastructure: Utilizing Kubernetes, we ensure consistent uptime during peak loads.
Load Balancing: Intelligent traffic distribution prevents single points of failure.
Replica Redundancy: Multiple project replicas guarantee seamless service continuity.
Self-Healing: Automatic fault detection and correction minimize downtime.
Scalability: Effortlessly accommodate growing traffic and demands.
Consistent Up-time: Maximize reliability and trust with your users.
Peace of Mind: Secure, stable, and always available hosting.
Managed Hosting
Managed Kubernetes: We handle the Kubernetes basics, freeing up your time.
Steady Performance: Benefit from our experience in maintaining a consistent hosting environment.
Periodic Updates: Receive essential software and security refreshes to keep things running.
Monitoring: We keep an eye on your hosting, addressing potential concerns.
Standard Solutions: Utilize our Kubernetes-based hosting tailored to general needs.
Support Access: Reach out to our team for assistance when needed.
Budget-Friendly: Experience Kubernetes advantages without the complexities of self-management.
Deployment Only
Streamlined Deployment: We efficiently deploy your application, ensuring it's up and running smoothly.
Expert Recommendations: Benefit from our insights to optimize your application's launch.
Hands-Off Approach: Once deployed, the reins are handed back to you, giving you full control.
Quick Turnaround: Our team ensures a swift deployment, minimizing your time-to-market.
Deployment Assurance: We ensure your application is live and functional before concluding our service.
Cost-Effective: A focused service, offering deployment expertise without long-term commitments.
*Up-time, hosting turnaround, and deployed setup time are unknown in this type of hosting.
3 month free hosting with us
Our Team-Driven Core Values
Client-Centric Solutions - Tailoring solutions to your needs
Innovative Excellence - Pioneering the future of blockchain
Partnership & Collaboration - Success through shared business journeys
Trust & Transparency - Openness in every business interaction
Adaptable Expertise - Navigating change with agile precision
Outcome-Driven Approach - Delivering results, not just promises
What Are We Up To?
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Our focus is on shipping products quickly with great teams that will innovate the future of blockchain.